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About us

We are a group of writers and readers in Southeast Asia (SEA) and the diaspora that challenge and inspire each other to write fresh, compelling work that’s true to ourselves, and we encourage each other to read and be more open to new works, stories, and perspectives within and beyond the region. We aim to make SEA lit recognizable and sought-after across the globe, to create a viable market for the long-term success of SEA lit, and to preserve SEA culture, history, and shared experiences.

Why join SEA Lit Circle?

SEA Lit Circle is designed for readers and writers in Southeast Asia to connect with and learn from each other. Through SEA Lit Circle, you'll be a part of a welcoming and engaging community, plus have access to hard-to-find SEA lit-related content, events, workshops, master classes, and more—all in one place.

Here in SEA Lit Circle, our goal is to help you:

  • Meet other readers and writers like you, so that we can all exchange ideas; learn more about the art of reading and writing; and support each other to contribute to the growth and popularity of SEA lit.

  • Get answers you just can't find on Google when it comes to writing about a specific topic or in a certain way, getting published, marketing one's work, and who or what to read next.

  • Be inspired to keep writing and reading, so you can achieve your writing and reading goals.

We believe we can get all these done through our culture of openness, vulnerability, and trust—all of which are necessary to creating compelling literature. With SEA Lit Circle, you can widen your horizons and discover new, exciting stories and ways to tell them. 

The SEA Lit Circle Readers Club

Through the SEA Lit Circle Readers Club, you can read the books you want with your peers at our bi-weekly Silent Reading Parties, join our monthly live book discussions, have meaningful connections with fellow readers, and freely share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

This is also a place where your voice counts and where you can advance and start pertinent conversations. Your book posts and book reviews will not only inform the current readers of a particular book, but also its future readers.

Readers Club activities this month

Books of the month:

Option 1: The Island of Sea Women, by Lisa See

Option 2: Cave and Shadows, by Nick Joaquin

The SEA Lit Circle Writers Club

The SEA Lit Circle Writers Club helps writers of any skill level complete a literary work by helping them build a personal, structured writing habit that works for them. It’s also a place for writers to get the support of and be accountable to their peers who are trying to do the same thing: write.

Through the Writers Club activities, community members get to set personal goals, take part in group sit-down-and-write sessions (our Writing Parties), ask for writing-related advice or help, and most importantly: have a piece of writing workshopped.

Every month, the writers in our community will have the opportunity to have their drafts critiqued by other members. You will get direct and constructive feedback on your own work from writers and readers of all sorts of backgrounds and perspectives, plus get to ask for suggestions on how your work can be stronger in the next draft. Likewise, you will also critique and analyze other writers’ works, which will, in turn, help you grow as a writer.

Writers Club activities this month

The SLC Writers Workshop is closed for submissions.

4 things to know about the Writers Workshop

1. We don't screen submissions.

We believe that writers need all the support they can get to achieve their goals, so we don't screen submissions to the Writers Workshop. We welcome and are committed to writers of various skill levels.

2. A different workshop format.

Writers workshops usually have a panel of writers critiquing a literary work based on their expectations, interpretations, and what they think the work is trying to do. At the SEA Lit Circle Writers Workshop, you moderate the discussion of your work. That's because you have your own goals and reasons for writing the work the way that you did. So the Writers Workshop is meant for you to get targeted tips, advice, and ideas from fellow writers who understand where you're coming from.

3. What you'll get

Honest and constructive feedback from other writers who genuinely care about you improving your craft.

4. Who can join

All Writers Club members can submit to the Writers Workshop. Writers Club members will be reading and giving feedback on each other's works.

The Writers Club and the Writers Workshop welcome all aspiring, budding, and experienced writers to support and learn from one another.

Here's a peek into one of our workshop sessions:


Ready to join our community?

Join us in SEA Lit Circle to meet amazing and emerging writers and readers in Southeast Asia.

We've got workshops, master classes, writing prompts and retreats, book clubs, and virtual meet-ups, to name a few, in store for you.

More information about SEA Lit Circle

If you'd like to know more about what our community, as well as our Readers Club and Writers Club, is all about, leave your email address with us. We'll write to you and tell you our story and big purpose in greater detail.

You can find all the latest news about our community on Instagram.

Why SEA Lit Circle is not a free community

  1. We pay attention to what we pay for. And because our goal is for you to see real results and transformation, a paid membership would make it so much easier for you to achieve your goals. 

  2. It ensures that everyone in the community is committed and passionate about literature. It’s a natural way to filter out trolls and maintain a high-quality membership base.

  3. We need to support the website, which holds our discussions and reflections, without having to rely on advertisements, sponsorships, clickbait, and other dubious tactics. You know what they say about free products: YOU are the product. We want to do away with data brokerage, attention-based algorithms, and the like, so that the community can always be aligned with your needs and wants.

Student rates are available!

Contact us at [email protected] and we'll assist you.

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